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Scaling Car Washes Episode Image featuring Brenda Johnstone

08: Empowering Women in Your Car Wash Business with Brenda Johnstone

Are you looking for strategies to grow the role of women within your car wash business? Listen in to this Scaling Car Washes episode where host JT Thomson chats with Brenda Johnstone, creator of Convenience & Carwash Canada magazine and founder of the Women in Car Wash conference.” Tune in to hear great tips about how to strengthen your workforce by supporting women and integrating more women into your business model. Brenda and JT talk about how strategies like offering training through your business and highlighting how the car wash industry offers many career opportunities can really attract more women, and diversifying your workforce will strengthen your business.

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07: Discover How Car Wash Trade Associations Can Benefit Car Wash Owners with Chuck Space of SCWA

What do you know about how trade associations can benefit you as a car wash owner? Don’t make the mistake of thinking trade associations like SCWA only do trade shows. In this Scaling Car Washes episode, JT talks with Chuck Space, the Executive Director of the Southwest Car Wash Association. Chuck shares some of the many ways that trade associations support car wash owners. JT and Chuck talk about some of those benefits including mentorship programs, legal support, industry research, communication about what’s happening around the nation, and so many other support programs.

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Scaling Car Washes Ep 5 with Bobby Thomson Cover Image

05: Keeping Customers Coming Back with Retention Expert Bobby Thomson

In this Scaling Car Washes episode, JT and guest Bobby Thomson discuss the importance of customer retention for car wash owners. Bobby highlights just how critical this often overlooked aspect of customer service is. Bobby shares what he has learned about how to lower churn rates to keep more customers coming back to your business! Listen in to hear great tips and tricks that you can implement to help keep the customers that you have, and learn about ways that you can improve the back door part of your customer service to ensure that people are happy and leave your business wanting to come back!

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