Scaling Car Washes

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Scaling Car Washes is a podcast dedicated to car wash owners and potential investors that want to build a scalable platform in the car wash industry. We are focused on helping people move from a Mom and Pop operation to a more professionally structured and operated platform so if and when they go to exit, they can maximize the value of their business or continue operating a business that is structured to be able to operate without relying on an individual owner.

Podcast host


My name is JT Thomson. I built my first car wash in 2002. Since then, I have had experience at every level of the car wash ownership experience: I have built and sold my own car washes, helped other investors build and operate their car washes as a Sonny’s distributor, developed for major players in the car wash space and spear-headed a private equity backed company.

Which acquired car washes. Along the way I have been a multi-unit restaurant owner with 23 units in 5 states and have pioneered applying lessons learned there in the car wash space. The car wash industry has been very good to me and I am on a journey to give back by helping other owners grow and scale their operations to build a real multi-unit platform.

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